Countering the Cuts

This is when I wish I had ‘followers’… and that’s not me setting myself up as some new cult leader – just me wanting to highlight alternatives to the current ‘Public Sector Cuts Hegemony’.

I am fuming. Properly furious. The bewilderment and hopelessness which followed the General Election result – for me – have started to give way to a desire to contribute to a positive and constructive alternative.

‘Red Pepper’ issued their ‘Countering the Cuts’ article. It’s a good start.

I struggle to make emotional sense of the changes which have been put in motion since the Election. Sometimes it feels as though I’m still sleeping but trapped in a nightmare: things look the same – but language has been subverted – words sound the same but signify something bleakly, brutally Other. Maybe this is what I want from a blog: a way to work out what is meant; what will happen; where there might be a road out…

I’m off to do some painting. Nope, not canvas. Just hallway walls. I’ve discovered painting provides good thinking time.

The Red Pepper link: