The Support of Friends

I am compelled to share this. I received it this morning. It came from just one of the Directors I work with…

What can I say, Yvonne? Our conversations these last two nights have been lovely landmarks in your journey into, through and out of your dark places. It feels as though you have found the optimism, drive and humour which you had mislaid and I’m really chuffed for you that you are feeling so much you.

You’ll have worked out by now that all of life is a metaphor. Well, not quite all but near enough. The picture above is on the way up to that fabulous vantage point. The Chinese are right that every journey starts with a single step. What they don’t say is that every summit is reached through hard work, perseverance, some bad words, a bit of pain and a lot of pleasure. All made so much better by having the right companions on the journey – the speck in the picture is my pal Alan who is a right companion for a hill journey.
Keep on the climb. Remember that there are sometimes false summits. Sometimes you have to go down a wee bit to go up again (though I have  a personal campaign with the Lord of the Mountains about this!). Sometimes you have to pause a while to recover your breath, look around and take in where you are. Sometimes you have to cross mushy ground where the boot eating bog monster lurks. Sometimes it all looks impossibly steep but usually there is a path threading its way through the obstacles. Sometimes the top stays out of reach or is stolen by the mist fairies. But every step, no matter how small, how slow and how much it hurts, is another step on your journey.
And the reward? You own the view and gain your perspective.
See you next week …………………

We will go for a curry in Glasgow next week. I have a great many reasons to be grateful.