The Alhambra… Albaicin… Granada – Family Holiday 2013

Robert and Jamie onboard the Citysightseeing tour – a hop-on hop-off cheap way
 to get around Granada – Albaicin glimpsed from the Gran Via, Granada

I’m cheating. There’s so much to tell. So many words to select. The month in Spain is behind me now and I am desperate to be back. Looking at the photos has me aching with a longing to be away from here – to be in Andalusia or Valenciana or Murcia or…

I drove the hired 7-seater down to Granada for our second week.

The rented city flat was stunning. Positioned just beside the Cathedral.

Here are a few photos – just until I get myself sorted.

Megan, Ana and Jamie (oh bald one – he of the bloody awful haircut) – waiting for our food to arrive – City Centre, Granada
Robert and Ana walking past the Granada Madraza – City Centre

Megan and Ana – Granada city centre – on our way back to our rented flat
Street pointing towards the Cathedral, Granada

Albaicin, Granada

Part of the Alhambra – viewed from Albaicin (old Moorish quarter) Granada

Palaces of the Nasrid, Alhambra

Court of the Lions, Nasrid Palaces, Alhambra

Megan propping up the columns of the Alhambra, other tourists and the impossibility of getting a good shot.

Court of the Lions, Nasrid Palaces, Granada

Megan and Ana, Court of the Lions, Nasrid Palaces, Alhambra, Granada

Ceiling detail is difficult to capture on an iphone… I wish you could see how breath-taking this was. An exquisite honeycomb.

Tile detail – Nasrid Palaces, Alhambra

They’re just so transparent, my girls… Looking out towards Albaicin from the Alhambra

View from the Palace – out over Albaicin and towards the Sierra Nevada

Alhambra, Granada 

Ana looking out towards Granada from the Alhambra

My Mum and Dad – taking shelter from the midday sun…, Alhambra, Granada

Ana and I, Generalife Gardens, Alhambra

My Mum, Generalife Gardens, Alhambra (this was after her snart – and for those of you who do not know what that means I think I’ll leave you in a state of blissful ignorance).

Robert – looking out from the Alhambra fortress