John Martyn – Hurt In Your Heart (2007)

Fell in love with John (Iain) when I was 15. And he was a beautiful 30+yr old. Met him numerous times – after gigs, through friends who were doing art on album covers, in local pubs when he lived in Roberton, at his house.
He was never the same man twice.
Accent modulating from broad Glaswegian to Southern English. Alternately sensitive and brutish. Drunken, drugged and saner than anyone I had ever met before. Violent and aggressive and offhand and attentive and gentle.
He was the essential  soundtrack to my life.
I remember sitting with him (and others) and him on the phone to Robert Palmer. Another time it was Phil Collins. He was the first white artist signed by Chris Blackwell.
This clip is from a very good programme broadcast by BBC Scotland in 2007.