A Rant: Are all politicians arrogant incompetent tossers?

NewsThump (aka NewsArse) couldn’t make it up…

I can only imagine* the ad that Chris Bryant responded to when he decided Politics-was-him.

Gold-plated Pension, Blank-cheque Expenses, Job for Life – with Endless Additional Earning Opportunities    

Are you an…
Arrogant Tosser? Gross Incompetent? Stranger to ‘the truth’?

Have you…
Never held a job since your Uni gap year spent telecanvassing for your Political Party of choice?

Does your
facile face conceal a banal mind with a mastery of the glib?

Then step this way…

The stench from the rotting corpse of the UK body politic interrupted my commute. Again.

Labour. This is what it has come to. An incoherent Incompetent, pre-releasing inaccurate extracts from a speech, the central argument of which he couldn’t even get right. Bryant, if you had any integrity or insight you’d resign – because, let’s face it, your boss won’t have the testicles to sack you. A Representative? You? Oh no. You don’t speak for me or, for that matter, anyone that I know. Your arrogance, the complete absence of intellectual ability, your astounding inarticulacy – you are what is wrong with today’s Labour Party.

Why didn’t you do your research for fuck sake? Why hadn’t you practiced the argument before setting yourself loose on national media? Why. oh why. did you then perform that egregious volte face, folding like some dodgy, gerry-built, foundation-less hoose, under the pressure of Tesco and of Next? They had indulged in nasty employment practices. They continue to indulge in nasty (if legal) employment practices, exploiting immigrant labour via employment agencies; offering re-employment to previous local staff, but on lower salaries. But no. You weren’t referring to Tesco or Next. You didn’t mean to infer they did this.

As I listened to the Radio interview my incredulity rapidly morphed into fury before resolving into a dyspeptic despair.

You have allowed the Tories to write the script: all that look at the mess we’re in – and it was caused by Labour crap.

Fight back!! Don’t accept this. Don’t preface every argument with ‘We’re sorry. We know we got this wrong when we were in power’. You are doing the Tories’ job for them ffs.

When you do talk policies make sure the language is clear and plain. We don’t need you to show how high your blue-stockings go, Ed. Naebody but you and yer high-falutin’ pals get the co-operative socialist stuff.
And tell Balls to get his head out of his arse – we don’t need him name-dropping (Greenspan on Twitter – get a grip). We need him fighting our corner. Not talking himself into an international economics job after politics.

You need to take the campaign out there. Speak to people. But make sure you take a real person with you to do the translating. A couple of easy wins. That’s what you need. Not own-goals a la Bryant and immigration speeches.

But no. Labour is a headless corpse. The only life a few maggots squirming under flabby skin.

After two years of this unspeakabe piss-poor Coalition. Of Government mistake after mistake. Reversals and inaccuracies. Un-mandated policy decisions and changes. Labour ups and dies.

Ed Milliband never was a Leader. The self-serving spite and misguided reasoning of the unions (Unite the Union and McLuskey in particular) have delivered us a pup.

An ineffective communicator would have difficulty enough where there was a political message to convey – but there’s no message. And he’s not the man to create it. He doesn’t know or understand his constituency. There is no connection with those who might vote for him and his party. There’s no articulation of clear credible goals. No coherent policies. No Manifesto for political action. No energy. No intelligence. No direction.

And whilst Scottish politicians happily co-exist on the same amoeba-level as their UK counterparts, the temptation to vote Yes becomes irresistible. What does Westminster and the UK offer, but more of the above? A Scottish Parliament has the advantage that it’s accessible – our democracy is closer, more readily influenced.