More photos… Granada, Torrevieja, Las Heredades…

Endless piss-taking of the old man
he can’t wear non-prescription glasses
so these were only good for his pate.

The midday chill – Jamie scranning crisps – Granada flat

And Ana with her Cheetos (wallpaper paste tasting puffs)

Catedral de Granada – The Cathedral of the Incarnation
Vast wealth and power of the church was like a punch to the plexus.
The scale of the building – astonishing.

Bizarre – pop a 20 cent in the box and a ‘candle’ lights up.
There’s 2 Euros worth lit up here. 

Robert is 6’6″ – even he is dwarfed by this place

Penitents buy your soul’s ease here – a bit of almsgiving
boxes liberally placed throughout the Catedral.

Ana – signalling a good-natured ‘time to go now Mum’

Looking for God. Marvelling at what man made.

Best confession booth I’ve seen.

Back in Las Heredades. Ipad in hand.

Yip. I succumbed. Back on the fags.
Holiday reading hit the holiday spot.

Fun of the evening fair – Torrevieja

Sleeping cat on warm rocks – Torrevieja

Ana on the Torrevieja pier

Self-conscious camera-shy – who’d have thought that of
Jamie the exhibitionist. Taken at a Santa Pola Kiosko

Jamie and Ana – Torrevieja pier.

Face on the Torrevieja rocks

Ana and Mamie – Torrevieja

They were looking over to the Marina and dreaming of yachts