Baby Giant gets his mojo back…

And just as suddenly as fear visited, it is gone.

Baby Giant is declared “normal”. The lumps just anatomical anomalies. Though urine will be tested.
We can breath again. 
BG is warned off amateur self-diagnosis via Google.
He has recovered his joie de vivre. As evidenced by the following –
Bumping into several of his schoolmates on the walk back he greeted the questions Hey mate where ye been? Whit ye no it school the day fur? With the nonchalant Hey mate A wis jist away fur a baw check…

Whhhhh-iiitttt? says his discombobulated mate, glancing at me and then rapidly away.
Aye says BG A baw check.

Jist a random baw check then mate? queries the mate.
Aye says BG Jist a random baw check.

Awww-right, mate says the mate It wis jist a random baw check then mate. Cool.