New Life

I had spent the three days following the interview last week convinced that it would be another ‘no’.

I was too old, I reasoned (despite the legal knowledge that that would not be an appropriate ground for rejection).

I had come across as know-it-all and arrogant at the interview, I had concluded – based on my fear that that’s how I could appear to others when they know what I’ve done up to now (and we’d had to ‘introduce ourselves’).

I had spent waking hours following the interview checking and rechecking my phone.

Notification eventually arrived when I was en route from Aviemore to home – a work thing. Only I didn’t know.

It wasn’t until I was unpacked and readying myself for bed that it occurred to me to check my emails again.

And there it was: notification that I had a UCAS application ‘update’.

For the 10 minutes it took for me to follow the link and log into the system, I had bleakly convinced myself that it was hopeless – that I was most definitely a ‘no-no’.

But it was a ‘yes’. I was a ‘yes’!

Yes, Yvonne, you will be able to retrain. Yes Yvonne, you do have the chance to become a midwife.


So, there it is. An entirely new life just waiting to unfold.

Simultaneously terrifying and exhilarating. Up-ending all expectations and throwing my friends and family into a confusion that is amusing and a bit bewildering to watch. Did they really not know me at all, I ask myself? All this time? 

For the most part, barring a few excited and positive souls, they think I have taken leave of whatever senses they credited me with.

Maybe I have.


But,for now I need to get my arse in gear. Get my head around how to take my leave of my current employment – and the fact that I’ll go from big boss to consummate rookie in the blink of an eye. Get myself mentally and physically prepared for the more physical demands of this new adventure. And get my financial house in order for the long cash drought ahead. 😉




16 thoughts on “New Life

  1. I have nothing but admiration for you changing career at this stage of your life for a vocation rather than a career (being realistic I suspect). I wish you a very contented vocation. I wish you personal satisfaction. Above all I wish you happiness. Without happiness all else is pointless. [Discuss!].

    • Thanks GB.
      It feels a bit mad – even to me. But it also feels very much the right thing.
      I know I have been unhappy for a long time – and yet lacked the motivation to change the very things that were making me unhappy.
      This new direction isn’t a ‘cure-all’ of course. But it is part of it. To live a meaningful life – and to be of service.
      I’ve always thought that meaning (for me) came from helping others. I haven’t ‘not done that’ of course. I know that the way that I’ve practised my legal skills – and given of my knowledge – has been of help to some.
      It’s just time for a change. I’ll not stop living in my head – arguing and thinking. But philosophising and debate won’t be my bread and butter 😀

  2. And incidentally you were a massive help to me. But the system and a radical hysterectomy later and I am done. Feel no use to man nor beast at 43. Unable to shift my backside literally and metaphorically owing to finances or lack thereof but feeling increasingly sidelined. You did all you could for me and I thank you. If only I’d been born a yes woman eh? Just can’t keep this mouth shut. Donna

  3. You are clearly mad and have taken leave of your senses.
    However that apart you have done the right thing and will be an outstanding success!
    This sounds brilliant and even if it does not work out you are RIGHT in giving it a go!
    This sounds brilliant to me, worthwhile and makes use of your brain and empathy.
    Much better than offices full of political games and spite.
    That will occur here also but much more fun!
    Well done lass!

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