A bit battered

I’m in hospital. An inpatient. Still full of this virus that I am now 100% certain is just wanting to take me down and out. Waiting on tests that will explain the abnormal ECG. And pain. And deranged bloods. And enlarged liver.

Being treated for a heart attack that the blood tests tell them hasn’t happened (it’s routine). Holding onto a GTN spray to deal with ‘angina’.

What a spectacular coup d’etat my ill health troll has pulled. From pole position squatting in my lungs it has engineered a fucking blinder.

I am sanguine. I am alive. I am not as bad as the old man in the room next door. I’ll be ok I think. Bit reduced. Bit battered. Someone who will have a box of pills they take to keep them going – together with some pills to counteract the effects of the pills that keep me going.

It’s funny though – what knowledge that there is a union wummin in the ward can do. 

So far I’ve conducted a conventicle of domestics from my side room this morning. Getting them organised for a fight with management.

Never miss an opportunity. 

That’s always been my motto.

Nae point changing now.

6 thoughts on “A bit battered

  1. Well done you!
    Making the most of the NHS before it is sold from under us is a great idea. I might join you, well not with you there I mean…
    Keep going lass it will die down in a wee while. Just make the most of the sympathy you get.
    Play on this for weeks!
    Thinking of you.

    • Hahaha! Must admit – the treatment has been first class; the food good and the ensuite side room I am in is very comfortable and calming 😀
      I can unhesitatingly recommend it (though I genuinely hope you keep well!). 🙂

  2. I’m glad you are alive and sanguine: being dead and sanguine is such a drag for your friends and loved ones. I shall say absolutely nothing about resting and letting the body mend. I wish you a speedy return to good health.

    • Hahaha. I did smile when I read this GB.
      I am feeling better this morning. Lungs still feel dry and ‘scritchy’ but I can actually breath.
      The other issues are not as urgent as first feared and likely caused by drugs that proved too toxic for me.
      I hope to get out today. But I think I might be learning the meaning of ‘take it easy’ and ‘go with the flow’… 😀

    • So far there appears to be some consensus that ‘it’ is probably Churg-Strauss Syndrome.
      That is a total fuck up of an illness.
      I am hanging out for bog standard asthma and typical West of Scotland heart disease – that’s been aggravated by a virus and medication.
      Time will tell. They need me to recover sufficiently to do the rest of the tests.
      I am not a good patient. But the medics have been a good bunch.
      I just want to fucking kill the bitch phlebotimist who took 8 fucking stabs with a bloody sabre to get blood from me…

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