The old man’s friend

Coughing is the new me.

Or pneumonia is.

Funny. I thought pneumonia was for hospitals and old dying folk. Taking us gentle into the final night.

And here it actually is: a feverish, walking, talking, fucking sore, rattling and wracking gut-wrenching cough; requiring steroids and antibiotics that give you the shakes and the runs; sucking on inhaler spacers every hour.

I am struggling with it. Every breath is a temptation to fold into spasms of rumbling rattling coughing.

Yes. I am struggling and I am seriously pissed off. And I am fucking fighting this.

I mean: for fuck sake. What the fuck?

The new job starts on Monday – and the cough has so far seen off two 5 day courses of prednisolone (40mg); 2 week long courses of antibiotic and two ventolin inhalers.

My medical bro says I need hospital and x-rays – and I say ‘just one more day… it might be gone…’ He is frustrated with me – and I am avoiding him. And I am pushing myself to do stuff.

Like pissing off my old employer by spending the last month of my notice intermittently calling in to say I was too feverish and sore to work – and then turning up at meetings and to the office as I tried to ‘finish stuff’.

Now I am actually finished with the old job.

I am technically between jobs for all of two days.

Between jobs – and worrying about being well enough for Monday because, ffs, we all know that you just can’t phone in sick on your first day.

You can’t.

You really just can’t.



7 thoughts on “The old man’s friend

  1. I’m sorry having read that. Quite a predicament. However pneumonia requires rest. The more you fight the less chance you have if winning. I’m sure you’ve been told that. Do the medics know which pneumonia? Some can be contagious. Some can do lasting damage. In other words buck the trend you set yourself and be sensible for once and REST!

    • Thanks Geeb.
      I am so cross with myself – that I am so self-destructively resistant.
      The antibiotic should be destroyìng the bacteria involved – that’s the hassle – that it has been taking its time 😦

  2. Sure you can. The Conservatives haven’t brought back Oliver Twist times quite yet, have they?

    I’m telling you- whole soup hen in the slow cooker for a day underwater, chug the broth.

    • Chugged the broth yesterday.
      It wis guid.
      We make it with onion, carrot, celery, parsley and a cup of rice. Heaven.
      Mind you – spent today in Hospital.
      New job on hold til next week.
      I’ll survive. I’m just rattling with steroids and feeling sorry for myself – though teacakes have been today’s pick me up 😀

  3. If you begin work with sickness that will bring you a warm welcome and an ambulance home.
    Better not to begin until fit.
    Anyway, how can you shout at them when spluttering…?

    • I’m signed off Tynecastle 😦
      My new employer have been (and are) great – understanding etc.
      But the treatment still isn’t working and I am feeling a bit down. Must be a side effect of the high dose oral steroids 😀 nowt to do with any inherent pathetic self-pitying tendencies 😉

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