I know that I am just so fucking lucky.

I have the best, the most fabulous, the funniest, the most loving fuckwit wains in the universe – and I mean that so supremely.

They’re all wonderful. Even when they are feeding each other cat food disguised as chicken pate (for the record Evan thought it tasted ‘good’) or getting their pals to help them drop a sibling into the wheelie bin or stealing the dustcaps from posh neighbours’ cars or getting rat-arsed drunk and being returned from the school dance by an elderly spinster teacher… They are the utter absolute dog’s bollocks best of us. And they make my heart swell full to bursting.

Saturday past, Evan finally got to jump from a miniscule plane from the idiot height of 10000ft. In the process he raised £1200 for Prostate Cancer UK.

The fundraiser was all his own work. His way of telling my Dad that he loved him (Papa is precious too).

20150815_152043 20150815_153403 20150815_155118 20150815_162126 20150815_162354

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