Linlithgow Laughter and Dance

Where better to celebrate a 25th wedding anniversary than a CHIC gig?

A big fat funky disco festival of sheer funky dancing joy.

And for 2 hours we had just that.

Nile Rodgers makes music that makes you want to dance forever. With a big fat transported smile on your face. Better than any drug. The sound he and his band make is the musical incarnation of blissful Happy.

I was a classical music wain. Playing flute to jump the hoops of associated board exams. Cruising towards music school and a mediocre musician’s career. I scorned ‘popular’ stuff. Didn’t understand any of it. Until I met R and later discovered Massive Attack and Leftfield and Underworld and that heavy bass sound – and festivals and dance.

I was really already ‘too old’ for that stuff – or was young enough but had too many responsibilities. But it all switched me onto music and I started to explore.

Now I’ll listen to pretty much anything. Though I prefer dance and a heavy funky bass sound.

We had a good happy day at Linlithgow’s wee festival. Family and friends and CHIC made it the best day.

I can’t wait until Nile makes his way to Scotland again. (And if you’re reading Nile – please make your next visit another O2 Academy Glasgow affair. Now that really was the best venue!)

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