A Fairytale of New York and some Auld Lang Syne

Indulge my maudlin nonsense…

This first reminds me of a night in the Mukky Duck – of the Pogues and Shane MacGowan taking up residence – of all those pals getting rat-arsed (some of them gone now). It reminds me of every Xmas and New Year at my Irish Granny’s. Singing. Maudlin nonsense. Oh I was lucky to be a child in that house. My old Uncle Alex singing ‘sweet 16’ to me. The broth and the steak pie and the whisky – so much whisky and Tennents Lager and McEwans Pale Ale.

Anyway… it’s going to make my lovely friend Helen ill (close your eyes and ears Helen – another secular Xmas song!)… but Happy Xmas to you all.

A Fairytale of New York

And for Hogmanay… Eddi giving auld Burns a run oot.

Eddi Reader


6 thoughts on “A Fairytale of New York and some Auld Lang Syne

  1. If it's the Pogues…I'd go shopping more often.
    Have a great time…all the traumas of the year resolved and only 60 more essays to write….
    Goodness…I think my threats of taking a Lochaber axe to Blogger have worked…I can leave a comment at last…..

  2. It's so good Doris – my all time favourite too.
    And yes, I always have a little moment to think of Kirsty. I remember the shock of it at the time – she was such a talent to be lost.
    Thinking of you at this time Doris – and wishing you love and peace. Yx

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