A Fairytale of New York and some Auld Lang Syne

Indulge my maudlin nonsense…

This first reminds me of a night in the Mukky Duck – of the Pogues and Shane MacGowan taking up residence – of all those pals getting rat-arsed (some of them gone now). It reminds me of every Xmas and New Year at my Irish Granny’s. Singing. Maudlin nonsense. Oh I was lucky to be a child in that house. My old Uncle Alex singing ‘sweet 16’ to me. The broth and the steak pie and the whisky – so much whisky and Tennents Lager and McEwans Pale Ale.

Anyway… it’s going to make my lovely friend Helen ill (close your eyes and ears Helen – another secular Xmas song!)… but Happy Xmas to you all.

A Fairytale of New York

And for Hogmanay… Eddi giving auld Burns a run oot.

Eddi Reader

6 thoughts on “A Fairytale of New York and some Auld Lang Syne

  1. If it's the Pogues…I'd go shopping more often.
    Have a great time…all the traumas of the year resolved and only 60 more essays to write….
    Goodness…I think my threats of taking a Lochaber axe to Blogger have worked…I can leave a comment at last…..

  2. My all time favourite Christmas song! Especially the line containing the words 'my arse'. Can't hear it without thinking about the sad fate of Kirsty McCall though.

  3. It's so good Doris – my all time favourite too.
    And yes, I always have a little moment to think of Kirsty. I remember the shock of it at the time – she was such a talent to be lost.
    Thinking of you at this time Doris – and wishing you love and peace. Yx

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