A Fairytale of New York and some Auld Lang Syne

Indulge my maudlin nonsense…

This first reminds me of a night in the Mukky Duck – of the Pogues and Shane MacGowan taking up residence – of all those pals getting rat-arsed (some of them gone now). It reminds me of every Xmas and New Year at my Irish Granny’s. Singing. Maudlin nonsense. Oh I was lucky to be a child in that house. My old Uncle Alex singing ‘sweet 16’ to me. The broth and the steak pie and the whisky – so much whisky and Tennents Lager and McEwans Pale Ale.

Anyway… it’s going to make my lovely friend Helen ill (close your eyes and ears Helen – another secular Xmas song!)… but Happy Xmas to you all.

A Fairytale of New York

And for Hogmanay… Eddi giving auld Burns a run oot.

Eddi Reader


Happy Christmas One and All

23rd December – and it’s Uncle Frank and Aunt Jeanette afternoon for the annual exchanging of gifts and family news.

Usually the kids would be with us (or an selection of them) but this is what the passage of time does: scatters them; pulls them in different directions; sets them a little freer…

Evan is taking Jamie and Ana into Glasgow on the 11.20am train from Lanark where Megan will meet them – and no doubt boss them into quarrelsome shape and feed them high falutin’ grub from her trendy bar workplace. It’s pissing down. Amber storm alerts have been issued. But Ana was determined to wear her red playsuit (she is very very pretty in it I must say – and it makes a huge change from her football kits) and will be frozen and soaked within minutes. The boys are douce – with Evan sporting a ginger-ish beard and Jamie wearing carrot-leg jeans that are a massive improvement on jogging bottoms slung low on his bum.

Robert has gone to school – dropping off work he’d finished last night and getting a letter framed. The letter is a beautiful thank you from Lanark Grammar’s Headteacher to Evan for organising (and he really did do it all on his own) a week-long fund-raising extravaganza at his school a couple of weeks back. They raised over £3000 for the Teenage Cancer Care Trust – through charity football games; head-shaving (one wonderful female teacher signed up for a scalping) and sundry other activities. It’s the kind of letter that everyone surely wants to recieve – and if I can scan it in I’ll let you all see it.

Poor Lewis is working. I’m a bit worried about him – though I know he’ll be fine. He left here at 5.30am to get to Helensburgh (where he is temporarily based) – and I can see that he is shattered from very long demanding shifts and the veyr long commute (it’s a 100 mile round trip he’s doing everyday).

Mum and Dad are really doing great. They dropped off veg etc for the xmas dinner earlier. I pick up the turkey and gammon joint tomorrow…

This is Xmas our family style.

12 for dinner. 4 neighbours in the morning for drinks. Ana excited and waking everyone at 5.30am.

I wish you all a very happy peaceful day. I will raise a glass to everyone of you. You’ve enriched my life in so many ways – ways which you’ll never know and probably wouldn’t think.

Slainte Mhath!