Ana wants to be Nile Rodgers…

I cannot resist sharing this self-made video my rock star supergirl youngest daughter has just let us all see…. she is fabulous of course! Follow the link…


6 thoughts on “Ana wants to be Nile Rodgers…

  1. Goodness, I'm most impressed. The modern age is fantastic for kids. It enables them to express themselves in ways we only dreamed of. Well done your daughter, even I understood the lesson! 🙂

  2. She's a true joy to be around Sarah. 🙂 Very independent – and at age 10 she sounds more like a mature matron!
    Isn't it amazing though – the digital virtual social media world our kids inhabit as effortlessly as they do… I was impressed just because she did it all on her own – just playing with the ipad in her room. Yx

  3. Haha e.f. – she'll be happy to record that just for you.

    I bought a job lot of 5 guitars at auction and she's 'acquired' two electric ones from her big brothers' ex-guitar-playing wannabe rockstar pals… the damn things are breeding! She has two passions: the guitar and playing football… Next up will be the video she and Jamie recorded spoofing their favourite (loser) team, Motherwell FC… Now that is truly funny…

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