Oh! I’m going to L’Ampolla!

Skyscanner – I love you.

I kid myself that I’d have trawled the cheapo flight sites, searching for the travel holy grail: conveniently timed flights for the price of 6 bottles of plonk –  for any more than an hour. So, you have saved me hundreds of pounds and a frustrating hour’s web-search.

Putting my dates and then a generic UK to Spain into the search bar – and there it was: row upon row of £39 return flights from here to there…

We’re off on holiday. Again. 12th – 19th October.

Spain, of course. Again. Tho this time further North – the Costa Dorada, to a little place called L’Ampolla on the Ebro Delta.

Beach just down from the Apt – L’Ampolla, gateway to the Baix Ebre

And because it’s only an hour from Barcelona we’ll get a chance to gasp at the Sagrada Familia again and wonder at Las Ramblas and worship at Camp Nou…

We’ve rented a fine apartment 100m from the beach. The car is hired. Evan, Jamie, Ana, Robert and I cannae wait.

Until then they have school to attend; lessons to learn. Except they are already talking about travelling and what they’ll see and do. Ana’s mildly concerned about the cats – but only mildly. Evan’s slightly worried his passport won’t be renewed in time – but only slightly. Jamie’s sang froid is impressive. Robert knows he’ll need the break because he’s frazzled already and working flat out for an inspection.

As for me – I’ve clients to be advised and represented. Tribunals to prepare for. Professional folk to liaise with. Conferences to attend and speeches to deliver. And that was filling me with a sense of dismay. Except now I’ve something to look forward to…and strangely it’s made me enjoy work more.


4 thoughts on “Oh! I’m going to L’Ampolla!

  1. For me, work was the pleasure, but I know I'd think very differently now…
    Love makes the difference. I never knew…until I did.

  2. I feel just a bit guilty Helen – because the job is one that I wanted. I searched and waited and prepared for a job in this field. And it's by no means a bad job. It's a good job. Maybe it's a case of 'be careful what you wish for'? I need challenge. I need my working day to be filled with thoughtful tasks… It's not quite what I thought it would be…

  3. Ahh! I love getaways. My life is not as frenetic as yours but the countryside holds its own burdens and I do need to swim in the sea. I just said goodbye to my morning beach swims in Corsica and don't know when I'll submerge in salt water again. Oh well. Waiting for the snow season I guess. But there is something about unravelling in water.. Xcat

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