‘I wish an egging upon you’! OR Jumping on the media bandwagon… and now feeling bad.

Milliband was ‘egged’.

Anti-‘THEM’ protester, Dean Porter, had Ed’s aides scrambling for cover whilst their boss took one for the ruling elite.

My conscience is a bit unclean. Is it really possible that I might have wished this egging upon him? I mean, there he was, getting it on with ordinary voters (just like I cursed that he should). Trying his best to listen (and to counter media accusations and in-house counter-spinning that he’s invisible; that Labour is invisible ) and understand and get the Labour message across. In other words looking like a plonker. When whizz, bang! His nice suit jacket’s looking ruined.

I’ll give him this: well recovered Ed, that was impressively cool handling. In fact, anyone would think this had happened to you before. Oh. Yes. That’s right. It has.

I do feel dirty though.

I spend a lifetime smelling political and media bullshit a mile off – and then just fall for it.

Thing is, what came first here? Was it Labour and Milliband who failed us big, or did our right-leaning media talk it all up? Chicken or egg?

3 thoughts on “‘I wish an egging upon you’! OR Jumping on the media bandwagon… and now feeling bad.

  1. I've been a bit ranting-dan since I heard Bryant's shameful performance. But I do hate being part of the 'trending news story'… Makes me feel like a right sheep!! Argh!!

  2. The political-animal places him/herself into the public arena for a purpose. He/She sometimes forgets the purpose and then falls into a trap of drama and media and scrutiny.

    You are without guilt.

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