More photos… Granada, Torrevieja, Las Heredades…

Endless piss-taking of the old man
he can’t wear non-prescription glasses
so these were only good for his pate.

The midday chill – Jamie scranning crisps – Granada flat

And Ana with her Cheetos (wallpaper paste tasting puffs)

Catedral de Granada – The Cathedral of the Incarnation
Vast wealth and power of the church was like a punch to the plexus.
The scale of the building – astonishing.

Bizarre – pop a 20 cent in the box and a ‘candle’ lights up.
There’s 2 Euros worth lit up here. 

Robert is 6’6″ – even he is dwarfed by this place

Penitents buy your soul’s ease here – a bit of almsgiving
boxes liberally placed throughout the Catedral.

Ana – signalling a good-natured ‘time to go now Mum’

Looking for God. Marvelling at what man made.

Best confession booth I’ve seen.

Back in Las Heredades. Ipad in hand.

Yip. I succumbed. Back on the fags.
Holiday reading hit the holiday spot.

Fun of the evening fair – Torrevieja

Sleeping cat on warm rocks – Torrevieja

Ana on the Torrevieja pier

Self-conscious camera-shy – who’d have thought that of
Jamie the exhibitionist. Taken at a Santa Pola Kiosko

Jamie and Ana – Torrevieja pier.

Face on the Torrevieja rocks

Ana and Mamie – Torrevieja

They were looking over to the Marina and dreaming of yachts

6 thoughts on “More photos… Granada, Torrevieja, Las Heredades…

  1. Laughing most of all Cat. But the squabbling was fun too.
    What can I say about the fags… I lapsed. Back on the wagon again now though.
    The drop is mainly wine – local stuff. Young, raw, sold from a tap and decanted into big plastic gallon tubs. But there's some really good red produced in Valencia. Lagers made locally too. Stuff like Cruz Campo or Alhambra or Mahou – but sold in cana (small glasses). They are not into spirits. Sangria made on site is also good – but yeuch bought ready made in supermarket cartons. It's strange – but the heat put me right off drink! I'm back to normal now… x

  2. It's about to get even sharper. He's booked himself in for a session at Kiral the Turkish Barber's – Kiral's new to Lanark having learnt his trade at home in Turkey and with his barber uncle in Glasgow. Evan and Lewis have already had the Kiral treatment – Jamie cannot bear to be left behind by them…

  3. Whatever I think about the might and power (and evil) of the churches they have given us magnificent things to enthral us now and they are part of the social history of life and so for that I have to concede that we should be grateful.

    Really glad that you are off the cigs again. Too many of my friends have had strokes (some serious and one left without speech) and I think you deserve much more than that – and so do your children!

  4. It was knock-out stunning Graham. Mind you – Spaniards like their religion bloody – and there was plenty of gore and blood and speared sides and nails… along with gold. Gold everywhere. I lit the electric candles. Superstition dies hard.

    I suspect I'll spend my life hankering after tobacco. Succumbing and then going cold turkey. But they really are evil things. That I both love and hate…

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