A Cold February Day at the Seaside

Big fat flakes of snow fell this morning promising the beauty of a white valley. But came to nowt.

We went instead to the seaside. North Berwick. A beautiful East Coast village just down the Forth from Edinburgh. Bijoux boutiques and coffee shops and galleries. And then an expanse of cold sea and sand that looked golden in the low sunlight.

Ana tucked into a creamy whipped ice-cream. Robert and I sipped our hot coffees (mine a mocha). And we walked down the length of shore picking up seaweeds and driftwood and glossy sea-smooth pebbles.

Ana – North Berwick 23/02/2013

Ana – scoffing a 99 cone.

North Berwick – seasports on a cold sea

view out across the Forth – harbour entrance – North Berwick

‘Dad’s going to steal my cone’…

The view from the seabird sanctuary down the shore road – North Berwick


12 thoughts on “A Cold February Day at the Seaside

  1. Ooo, cold for the seaside, but it looks like you had a great time. Our daughter and family are in London for the half-term weekend, where it is grey, freezing and keeps trying to snow. Brr, we need spring.

  2. As I sit in the warmth of 23℃ (it's quite cool this afternoon) and look at those pictures I am made aware of how lucky Anna is. When out in the sun in the heat whippy ice-creams melt down the cone and your hand before you can eat them.

  3. We usually end up in St Andrews when we go out for a day trip. But I am so glad we decided on North Berwick. It was such a lovely day. And it was also nice being with Ana on her own – strange but nice. It's so funny to think that 8 or 9 yrs ago we would have all 5 with us! It's a cheap day out now! X

  4. You've given me a good idea: classes are closed next week for Spring Break here, so I am looking forward to the vacation— we'll head to the beach. It might be cold, but still, the kid has never been near salt water yet. Should give him a thrill watching the waves come in.

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