A Bonny Wee Bonnet for the PC Woman’s Baby?

Boob Beanie
Boob Beanie
My bairns? I fed them all. Attracted two complaints, on two separate occasions  in two different restaurants, from two equally saddo perverts who were determined to be offended by the knowledge, that in front of my suckling baby’s head was my Bare Breast… 
Part of me wishes these beanies were about back then… 
But would I have put the beanie on my bairns’ heads…
Would you?

7 thoughts on “A Bonny Wee Bonnet for the PC Woman’s Baby?

  1. I was gifted one but in the rotten-with-hippies district I live in you're likelier to get a dirty look for formula. So it'd be preaching to the choir. If I wanted to be provocative I'd need to disguise my boobs as bottles.

    So australian hippies aren't all bad but even Hitler was nice to his dogs.

  2. I wouldn't. I think it would show a lack of respect for the little lad or lass. Imagine showing him or her a photo when they were older. They'd be mortified.

    Any mother who wants to have one should make a big one and stick it on her own head, ironically, natch. 🙂

  3. Sorry Spliffe, I've spent the day wondering how you survive without wanting to bring out that bottle.

    It's my rotten nature that unanimous consensus gets right up my nose…

  4. Sarah – the idea tickled my sense of the ludicrous and around here it would be a real assault to my presbyterian citizen-prudes. Plus – admit it – it looks just a bit cute…

    But I wouldn't either.

    On the grounds that – just like religion – until they're old enough to choose for themselves to wear a tit on their heads I'll not be using them to advertise my own GSOH or political views…

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