Holiday 2013

The villa is booked.

We’re off to Spain again. A month of sun and the sea and the pool and just living. 

Now I’m impatient to be there.

Las Heredades was a rural, backwater, bit-of-a-shock-to-the-system, last year – especially after years going to the bigger coastal village on the Costa Blanca. It became as familiar as our own backyard. The baker who opened only between 8-10am. The tobacconist who was always shut and you had to ring the doorbell for. The multi-purpose pub come cafe come ice-cream parlour that was open from the wee sma’ hours to the wee sma’ hours and where there was no such thing as a ‘measure’. Neighbours clearing rubble for their tomato and courgette plants and to plant orange trees and cut back the fig – and being chased by the crazy pup who just wanted to play. The lazy heat of the day spent in the village pool or the villa plunge pool. The fruit and the salads and the olive oil and the watermelon from the handcart at the motorway roundabout. Mouthwatering, messy hot churros con chocolate at the cafe in Santa Pola. Trips to Cartagena where we met up with our favourite waiter and loved the city again. Or to Torrevieja or Alicante. To Elx (Elche) and the mountains beyond to worship palm trees and to run through the pop up fountain and marvel at the tower.

For the rest it was our big messy rambling family filling the house, laughing and shouting and just taking it all easy.

Meg and Ana Cristina and a trip to spend holiday money in Torrevieja.
Summer 2012

Cartagena – Meg and Ana Cristina – Town Hall in the background
Elx – strawberry daiquiris in the evening for Meg

Cartagena in the evening – trip out with Lewis, Carrie and Evan

Santa Pola beach in the evening – Carrie
Carrie and Lewis – Cartagena – with them looking very pale and white
Las Heredades – view from villa rooftop – and no, it’s not picturesque…
Carrie and Evan – Rooftop – Las Heredades. Very not picturesque…

I’m sad that Meg won’t be here this year. It’s Berlin for her – with a trip to Italy mid July. But that’s life.

The boys have T-in-the-Park (should’ve gone to Rockness) tickets and then work commitments but will be out for at least a week.

My friend of the messy divorce is planning to be with us for another of the weeks.

Mum and Dad and the two wee ones will fight it out for the spot beside the air conditioning.

It’s all good.

11 thoughts on “Holiday 2013

  1. That sounds like all a holiday should be. No wonder you're impatient. It isn't easy when our children start not coming with us, but it's all part of gradually flying the nest. You'll still have a great time.

  2. Oh – I'm jealous! That sounds the ideal getaway. With college beckoning I'm not sure if we'll go overseas this year. Would be quite happy to explore more of Ireland if only it didn't rain all the time.

  3. It's so many years since I had a “family holiday' away that it seems like a previous life. Oh yes. It was a previous life. Never in a million years though would all of my family have been persuaded to go to a villa in Spain.

  4. We will Perpetua. The 4 weeks was just the right length to relax last year. We could travel via trains and the hire car and have overnights elsewhere – in seperate groups going to different places – but we had a holiday 'home' to return to. The wee ones are a year older of course and Jamie is at a tricky age (12 going on 22) when he's not quite grown up enough to join in fully with his big brothers (though he can beat them verbally because he is just too sharp!) but too big to really enjoy the kiddie play with Ana – but it'll be fine. There's plenty to do. I'm looking out at snow just now and yearning for July!

  5. Hi Mairead. Never fear – your turn will come! I spent a cumulative 10 years at Uni… and a lot of 'holidays' soaking up the rain and being bitten by midges in Scotland! Ireland was a favourite haunt too – but I can't say the weather was any better!!
    The villa renting and cheapo Easyjet flights make this a great holiday for a big family or a lot of friends clubbing together… it might be something you could share with others…? Yx

  6. Ach, never say never… Our older two drifted away for a few years – wanting to experience holidaying with their pals and clubbing in the mad Med resorts but now they do a bit of both. A week to ten days with us all together (because they all say 'it's a great laugh') and a week or fortnight in Ibiza or Zante or similar… There's something special about them choosing to come along now (and they even pay their own flights – so no real bribing being done by me!!) – and it really does make for a scream with 3 generations in the villa laughing and teasing one another.
    Hope your snowy scene is going… think that Scotland appears to be getting the blast today…

  7. You've just reminded me that every year I return from the big family (3 generations) holiday and think: I am NOT doing that again next year… but somehow I always end up being the driving force behind booking and securing it for 'just another year'!

    Three years ago Mum and I had a mega blow-up just 2 hours before we got on the plane (I think it was over something ridiculous like me asking Dad not to feed Ana ice-cream because she'd be sick) and we didn't speak until we got out at Newcastle…

    But we are fiery and voluble and sociable and garrulous and – well, being 'a family' is hot-wired into our DNA I think… we need it – it somehow reaffirms who we are and what's important to us.

    The sensible and sane thing is that we always have a minimum of 2 hire cars and the villa is huge. So we can split up into numerous different groupings for days out etc. and we can retreat to quite balconies and corners if we want time out from the crowd.

    I love that my friends arrive too – joining the rabble. And my Aunt and Uncle (younger than Mum and Dad) have indicated they will be visiting for a few days this year.

    I am a pack animal GB. For better or worse my family and friends are the pack I'm part of…

  8. The F-word and I take turns about dreaming about being in Spain. We haven't spent seaside time there but we love the cities. The people are so awesome – like Italians without eating disorders and the stick up their ass.

  9. Sounds entirely well-deserved and I will have to get over the mountain before I'm allowed to think of summer bliss. But ahh we can still think about it! I also have big kids who I'm worried will want to come this year. Rather troubling. But manageable. Ahh how we always manage. Have been missing your words xxcat

  10. I'm really upset to be missing the annual family trip this year – but it'll be Italy for me! I would just like to point out that I have never done the package holiday thing….I left that for the boys!

    You guys will have fun anyway! Just think – by the time you come home in August it'll almost be time for my glorious return…….

    Good to see you writing again! I had missed your words. xxx

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