Norovirus: what a shit of a bug

Norovirus is a real impressive little shit of a bug.

Ana brought it home from school on Thursday. She spent a night of helpless contortion and expulsion. We spent a night changing the bed, cleaning the floors, mopping fluids and trying to supplant eau de smelly cheese (said Ana) with dettol – all whilst, in my case, simaltaneously holding my nose and doing the sympathetic retch.

That was 5 days ago. In that short space of time No 1 has become the plague house.

With a ferocious ability to infect and an incubation period of 12-48 hours, I suppose family wipe-out was inevitable.

Robert and Jamie performed a vomit-duet on Saturday night. That got just a bit messy. And I got just a bit pissed off being the sole responsible adult…

Robert – a man with a low BP problem – managed to flake out, hitting his head on the sink as he fell. Have you ever tried to lift a 6’5″ dead weight?

Louis was next. A lesson in how you can expel from numerous orifices at the same time.

Then came Evan – clearly oblivious to the leson I had already learned about simultaneous voidings.

It was my turn yesterday. 4am and I was hugging the porcelain and lowing like a coo.

There is a calm settling today. Let’s hope norovirus has left the building.

11 thoughts on “Norovirus: what a shit of a bug

  1. You even managed to make this funny. Love the pic of the door with the red cross.
    Hoping you are all recovering now and will have built immunity to that aggressive little bug!

  2. You poor things. It really is a vicious bug.

    At least you will be well over it by the time the Christmas feasting starts – not like the time DD brought it home with her for a family Christmas. What a waste of money that was!

  3. I always play the Glad Game as you know. At least you didn't all go down at the same time! If I thought about it (I try not to) one of the things that makes me shit scared of air travel on 36-hour long haul is someone on board the first sector with that particular bug. Oh, by the way, sorry you had it and glad you are now better.

  4. Oh no! Awful!
    I do remember my friend having a Xmas just like that – she told an unintentionally hilarious tale of a houseful of family and friends all fighting for one of the bathrooms – some of them ending up using buckets!!
    We are mostly recovered now Perpetua. The only saving grace about this bug is it's short-life…

  5. You and I share that same fear. I too wonder what bug I am inhaling/ingesting from the other 100s of passengers… Which is why I always take a G&T from the trolley… keeps my mind off the illnesses I could be about to develop!

    Mostly all better now GB. Thankfully!

  6. Spoke too soon.
    Evan had several bouts last night again. Ugh.
    Saving grace (I am a cruel unnatural mother) was – he is 15 yrs and capable of puking without missing the basin!

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