Eating My Daughter’s Love Letter

Rebel Eldest looking very gorgeous….

My eldest (who is shaping up to be not-so-much of a rebel really) took me out for dinner last night.

It was to devour a ‘taster’ menu, cooked by her friend and colleague, Iain Richardson (currently Sous Chef at New Lanark Mill Hotel).

I was a bit (just a bit) suspicious of the motive behind the invitation. Disloyal? Ok. Yes… 

My plea in mitigation? Meg has a wonderful history of breaking bad news at times and in places where you can’t go all feral on her… 

But the girl done good last night. Oh my God how good she did.

The meal was a two hour slice of food heaven:

  • Smoked Potato and Criffel Cheese Bonbons
  • Pickled Melon, serrano ham and crispy pigskin
  • Pate, Brioche and Onion Marmalade
  • Arbroath Smokie Scotch Egg without the egg served with apple puree, horseradish and baby asparagus (with little deep-fried ‘hats’) and pea fondant
  • Apple sorbet served in a hand-blown sugar apple – complete with little sugar-glass leaf!
  • Ham hough tower with puree and confit of something
  • Trio of beef (including shin and fillet) with the most amazing beetroot puree I have ever ever tasted and little potato medallions that were divine (I hate potatoes)
  • Rum Baba
  • Balsamic Ice-cream serveed with pistachio and chocolate and strawberry foam and jelly.
  • Dark Chocolate, raspberry and salted caramel macaroon with chocolate fondant and raspberry coulis.
I am almost certain I’ve missed a course – I’ll check with Meg (just to encourage your envious salivation). And Meg has some photos which I’ll post.

The other diners were unsuccessful in attempts to hide their curiosity. Eventually one woman came across to say she’d never seen so many wonderful courses – what was the occasion and how did she order the special meal we were having?

It was then that I realised that the food we were being served was just a bit different from the menu choices (which are amazing in themselves).

Meg blushed and explained she worked in the hotel just now – that it was her friend who was cooking for her.

And when Iain came out from his hideout in the kitchen it occurred to me that what I’d eaten 
was a love letter written in food…

PS She did beg a favour – will you take my cat, Mum? – relieved it wasn’t some fresh rebel occurrence, I said OK…


6 thoughts on “Eating My Daughter’s Love Letter

  1. Well and truly swanky e.f.

    Well and truly smitten Katriina!

    And it occurs to me, Fly, that tilapia is just the type of thing that would pass as an exotic delicacy here in culinary backward Scotland (land of the deep fried Mars Bar and spiced oatmeal and offal tied up in sheep stomach lining…)…

  2. I have three boys – they all have a different approach to food and bribery.

    Dan (eldest) offers to cook dinner when he wants something

    Mike (middle) typically persuades me not to take family out to fancy gasto pub then mentions he has already invited his girlfriend so can he still go and can he have forty quid please!

    Dylan (seven) offers to eat all his dinner if we buy him a toy / game / ice cream…

    Odd thing is, they all usually succeed

  3. Must admit, Bike Shed, that I like the sound of your Mike. Clever lad!

    I have one just like Dylan (Ana, aged 9yrs) and two just like Dan (Lewis, 18 and Evan 15).

    Amazing how they continually out-manoeuvre us! Thing us – I don't remember ever managing to get around my Mum and Dad like this – maybe it's a 'boy' thing (and if you knew Ana, you'd know what I meant!!)!

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