Summer Fashion Fears…

It is 27 degrees and Scotland is stripping down to her scants…discovering street cafe life… dusting down rusty BBQs and generally donning scarlet skin.

However as sunglasses are de rigeur that last doesn’t much matter – even the reddest of burnt skin looks tanned and brown through dark tinted specs…

Summer fashion has never been a talent of the sun-starved Scot. Pallid, pasty, almost blue-white flab isn’t really a great look in micro shorts and crop top. Though it was a definite favourite in Glasgow yesterday. For men it was tatoos and surf shorts. Nowt else. Well, maybe socks with trainers.

I defend – absolutely – the right to ‘wear what you want to wear’. But even me – Mrs-I-have-no-right-to-be-body-fascist – has baulked a wee bit at the sheer volume of flesh so suddenly on display.

Personally I ‘do’ winter best. Give me black thick opaques and a pencil skirt; or lbd and wedge high boots; asymmetric tops and large silver pieces. Heavy black lidded eyes. Red lips. That is my comfort zone. My body armour perfected – the abrasions of office and court and tribunal and meeting have brought me to that point where I do not need to think when reaching into my wardrobe in the morning.

But at the first promise of sun and as my indolent lazy summer self sings, my fashion-heart sinks. What to wear to a sweltering office? How to remain dignified when dripping with sweat? Do I really have the temerity to inflict my hairy white legs on my colleagues? And will someone tell me where to find a make-up that does not slide off my face by midday?

All in all it is just as well that for 4 weeks I will be in Spain. Almoradi. In a villa with a pool. Kaftan and swimsuit and huge black sunglasses and the fact that no-one knows me will be all that is required. Bliss.

7 thoughts on “Summer Fashion Fears…

  1. oh my, I remember so well that makeup-melting-off-my-face feeling from living in Brisbane, Australia… If I remember correctly, we survived primarily by ducking from air-conditioned space to air-conditioned space and wearing floaty tops that adhered instantly upon contact with any part of our sweaty torsos. 35+ degree heat and elegance really did not go together. It truly is easier in cooler weather, and there's plenty of that here in Helsinki (I found out today that over 25 degrees is considered a “heat wave”!!!)

  2. I'll swap legs! Not that you'd want my shape of leg I realise. As you know I spend six months each year in New Zealand. Whilst there I spend most of my time in shorts. I was asked recently (by a man!) whether I shaved my legs. I was quite offended. Until, that is, a female friend pointed out that she would give anything not to have hairy legs which required constant shaving.

    I've just been getting used to a nice warmish 25 deg over the last few days when I can potter around the garden painting fences and gardening wearing shorts again. Problem is that I don't have the courage to wear them in Stornoway or Glasgow (as if anyone would care anyway) so will have to perspire with the rest of you.

  3. Totally agree. I do winter better too – the more structured look.

    Summer fashion can be a trial but one good tip: white linen.
    I have white linen trousers and a white linen dress which I bought in Italy. Now that works in a heat wave.

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