life is like this…

Time – passing so quickly just now. But not fast enough.

MRI looming for Mum and she has entered the displacement phase. Her worries and anxieties have resolved themselves into a shopping and painting frenzy. She refuses to mention fear. The Big C is no-go-land for us all.
I spent yesterday evening with my brother in Ayrshire. I was working down there (well, I did a slot at a staff development day which ended at 4pm with 10 pin bowling – not really work) and he lives in Kilmarnock, just 12 miles from Ayr, where the day was held. Nice hotel, lovely lunch and great people to speak to – topped off with 3 hours with my bro.     
We fretted over my mother. Had a sibling worry-in. And I was too polite to refuse the huge dinner he prepared me.
I eventually drove home – feeling queasily full on the windy twisty A71 – and realised, fully, completely, that my mother is making her own choices and that those choices have to be respected. In fact I understood her choices. That is progress.
On the work front I have scored a success. I endured a strange interview on Tuesday morning -survived the grilling by 7 people – and was offered the job.
I will start August 14th as a f/t employee of a Trade Union. A niche TU. For Scottish secondary school teachers. Advice and representation work. Fitness to practice. £13000 rise plus benefits. Nice one.

6 thoughts on “life is like this…

  1. It's hard to stand by and watch a loved one deal with what your mum is dealing with. She knows you're all there for her, though. It seems like you're a close family and that must be comforting for all of you.

    Congratulations on your new job! BRILLIANT. And as the daughter and granddaughter of secondary school teachers, I love that you are going to be working for a teachers' TU!

  2. Excellent news about the job.

    Glad to hear you're coming to some terms with your Mother's decisions. Just as well I reckon…you can't really tell grown folks what to do.

  3. Wise Yvonne and clever Yvonne.

    Your mother is a wonderful woman dealing with this in her own brave way. All respect to her.

    As for you I am thrilled you got the job at the TU. You are such a fighter for truth and freedom. Hooray! xx

  4. Congratulations. The job sounds made for you and the benefits not to be sniffed at.

    It sounds like your mum is coping remarkably well in her own way. When it comes down to it, this is a journey she has to make by herself, however much you want to be there with her.

    Prayers continuing

  5. We all cope with cancer in our own way and as a rule we have to be allowed to do that. The main thing is for families and friends to be there when they are needed.

    Many congratulations on your new job.

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