A Rear View

(Imagine the drum roll!). Megs dress from the back. (She will really thank me for this!….not….)!

This is the kitchen of her flat – my Mother would have a fit because she is a clean freak. But actually, it is tidier here than usual…

6 thoughts on “A Rear View

  1. It was such a fab find Chloe – and fits her as though made for her.
    She is modelling just now for a hairdresser who is using her as the salons entry to the Scottish finals of something hair-dressery…and I agree – her hair suits her so well. She has some colour-effects to go into it before the final and the photos – but they will remove after the show if she hates the colour.

  2. But, of course, I knew! Oh to be young and beautiful. Not that I was ever either young nor beautiful. And I never wore dresses either.

    The hairdo really does suit you, Meg. I just wish I had hair.

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