Blogger Block

I’ve hit blogger block with a vengeance…

So here is a picture of rebel eldest at the recent wedding of her pal. I love. The dress, the hair, the smile. Just her.

Bear with me… parents are permitted a bit of sappy crap now and again… 

And maybe sometime very soon, normal service will be resumed…

10 thoughts on “Blogger Block

  1. PS For those sartorially besotted amongst you – the dress is a genuine 1950s silk, triple lined, hook-and- -eye-back-with-deep-ruffled-V number…
    The bag is a genuine vintage 1940s patent leather clasp-catch…
    Very very yum!

  2. Well it's certainly '50s classically beautiful and, apparently, simple. But, of course, not so. You haven't shown the back! And as has been said Meg carries it off really well. Stunningly in fact.

  3. Gorgeous gal in stunning dress.

    They knew how to do stylish in the 1950s.

    Did she find it in a vintage shop? Yes I am one of the sartorially besotted.

    Your block will melt away when you are ready. x

  4. Hahahaha You gorgeous lot! You will melt the block away – with your generosity!

    The dress (Chloe) was the result of the house clearance of a rich acquaintance of my pal-of-the-messy-divorce. I've more pictures of the back of the dress – and I will post them just specially for you and GB!

    I've been through a tiring election at work and am a bit tired – but I have sooooo many tales to tell!!

  5. Your daughter is stunning (as is that dress – wow!)

    Sorry to hear that work has been exhausting. I'm with all the others who are hanging out for more blog posts, once you've mustered the mental energy!

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