And another week passes….

What a week.

What a week for work. Though a good week for living…

The politicking is just breath-taking. Though of course this is where I come into my own. The black arts. The tight-rope walking. And in amongst it all the mindfulness of principles. The question being – how do I observe principles when walking the tight-rope?

I had a curry with my friends (line-manager ones) on Wednesday night at Dhabba (Glasgow – pictured). North Indian cuisine. Just gorgeous. And such good company.

Troubled about the position of the Chief Exec of a neighbouring public body – in an employment case where it certainly appears natural justice has been brutally decapitated. But unable to do much to assist – aside from talking tactics for a legal case (this is the dirty side – where you advise on the digging of dirt to throw in order to have negotiating power and space, the dishing of dirt on politicians and governments and the use of opposition Parliamentary members to ask planted questions). The sad thing (from a purist ideological point of view) is that I really do enjoy – base me – the tactical positioning. The attempts to outwit. The desire to pull the rug from under powers feet.

Then today I had lunch with a good man. One whom I can trust and who is a guru of “organisational development” (oh f* the highfalutin shit of that monicker). He is a poet too. Funniest thing is – he is a good-looking man whom I am just not attracted to. And he isn’t attracted to me. We have laughed about that – and been thankful because it removes so many barriers. He and I put the world to rights. Such a good feeling that – returning to the office after a bacon sarnie and tea with a friend whom you can trust and who you know supports you completely (anyway, that’s what he said)…

I am now contemplating a night in the local pub. Maisie’s (see photo). Rebel eldest is working there tonight.

All in all when I take stock, not the worst of weeks, really. Work may have been a bit of a maze, but in reality I have had only one disappointment – a friend who is having second thoughts and second (to the power N) discussions regarding a marital volte face. But least said about that….

The shine from the weekend in Yorkshire has not quite dimmed to dull. I have another weekend in Leeds planned for the 17th March. And I am inveigled in the usual intrigue – a rich and fascinating vein…


10 thoughts on “And another week passes….

  1. Ah the life you lead! I shall just go and play croquet: strategy, attempts to outwit, exercise. It's got them all. Just in a rather less stressful (and varied and interesting) package. C'est la vie.

  2. haha GB – I make it sound more interesting than it really is! The power of language… I am certain that croquet DOES have it all – and can be as stressful and interesting as you choose to make it…

  3. Takes me back to the days of working…when I was handling the upshot of politicking on peoples' jobs.
    And, come to that, to the days of the Labour Party when the Gang of Four were trying a takeover.
    Beastly people.
    I miss it all sometimes, in a sort of teeth gritting way.

    But yes, lunch with a real colleague really picks you up!

    I've just dumped word verification because one reader told me it was very difficult to cope with…and when I had to use it in turn to comment on other peoples' blogs I had to find my stronger glasses!

  4. I couldn't do it. It sounds intriguing, and probably good devious fun but man I couldn't keep up with it.

    No wonder you needed a break.

    I be able to handle it…if there was Indian food everyday.

  5. Fly – Oh yes, I remember them (and hear too much nowadays from Shirley Williamson). All horrible people. The two Davids!! Ugh! Tho at least Glaswegians rejected Jenkins!

    e.f. – it is that strange thing – both draining and exhilarating. I enjoy the politicking – but despise it at one and the same time. Perhaps what I mean is that I enjoy finding ways to defeat the mean politicking (if that makes any sense). The North Indian food really is good. You would enjoy Dhabba and its rich heady meaty spices and fragrances. Especially the lamb rolls – shredded succulent lamb mixed with creamy spinach and fragrant spices and wrapped in a long tube of crispy saffron pastry…

  6. I've been told that Jackson is the place to be for Indians in a wide area around here that includes parts of Louisiana and Alabama.

    We have a relatively large Indian population….half as many Patels around here as Campbells. A lot.

    All the second generation Indians I know that grew up here have exquisite Southern accents…and reading this post has put into my mind Indians with a thick rhotic accent. Funny.

    We have one very good Indian restaurant here (some others but I have it on authority they're not very good)…and I go every chance I get.

  7. Most of the Asian restaurants here (and there are a huge number – 4 alone in my own wee town) are run by folk of Pakistani or Bangladeshi ethnic origin. A few are from India. One in my own town is owned and run by a fantastic man who escaped from Iran many years ago.
    The food (in the main) has been developed to meet Brit expectations – but some, like Dhabba, are now beginning to introduce more traditional dishes (as well as experiment with newer stuff).
    Recently there have been a growing number of Polish and Russian restaurants – cos of the Eastern European diaspora.
    This is what I love – the way that immigrants enrich the society we live in. If I look around any city or town now I can see so many dimensions – so many different ways to be “Scottish”. Fantastic really.

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