Progress Report

I’d forgotten just how much hard work, work could be – especially if you are trying to fit in “life” as well!!

Things are beginning to ‘hot-up’. Tensions are high. Major Projects are reaching fruition and the fears and stresses of colleagues are palpable. Mainly that the ‘fruit’ will not be either ripe or ready enough for roll-out OR that roll-out itself will go pear-shaped…

I have also begun to plan/do the ‘staff engagement’ work that my job is largely about. And staff are simply fatigued; fed-up; cynical about there ever being an end to ‘change’; cynical about the nature of the ‘change’ they face. But at least I am beginning to really get back into it.

Plus ca change… I suppose. The same conditions that led to me having a meltdown still exist – in spades. But, I keep reassuring myself, I am better.

On the home front there is relief that Rebel Eldest appears to want to communicate meaningfully. She and I had what became a ‘hug-in’ last week. And it dawned on me that she appears very mature on the outside – but (like so many of us) is still a wee wain on the inside. Needing reassurance, support and guidance. All of which were previously on offer, of course – but all of which she has now decided she will take. As my auld Maw says: you can lead a horse to water, but you cannae make it drink….

We also have a car solution for my Dad (not to mention Rebel and the Lad – both of whom are learning how to drive). I’ll leave shortly to collect a new Renault Twingo Pzaz for them to share. Dad using it Mon-Fri and taking the Passat Sat and Sun. The kids having access to the Twingo at nights and the weekend.

It is a wee sma’ motor. No very braw. A bit of a wee toatie tiny box on toy wheels. Like a Dinky toy in fact. Hideous metallic blue. 4 seater. But delivering 65-75mpg on a 1.2L 16v engine. Don’t even need to pay road tax for it cos it’s one of them ECO cars… And aside from driving it back from the garage, I hope not to be seen dead in it… Ugh! street cred is now oot the windae!

Lad is dubious as to the benefits it will deliver – but given his sights were fixed on some souped up

Pimp-Mobile anything else is likely to be a bit of a climbdown…Thus he has decided he will embrace it as his route to highway heaven. All I can say is that with acceleration powers rivalling the Baby’s pedal-car the car insurance comes cheap!

Rebel is over the moon. And planning to kit it out with new mats and little stickers.

I can just hear the squabbles already… Dad oblivious. The Lad disgusted and changing the interior decor on his turns. Rebel certain of her good taste…

My pal of the messy divorce will be up and staying over from Sunday for a couple of days. I’ve booked time off (un-taken annual leave from last year which I feel positively guilty using!) and she and I will face her latest court case on Mon-Tues together. I am so eager to see her. I really miss her presence here.

But, tonight I am off up to Lanark to celebrate my sculptor pal’s birthday (it is she of the Gruffalo pumpkin fame) – which should be cheap good FUN. And that is always the best note to finish a working week on..

12 thoughts on “Progress Report

  1. You need to take that thing back…the steering wheels on the wrong side. How does something like that get past the inspectors? Probably be a mass recall.

    The bit about those two sharing a car is pretty funny. I've got one of those…a sister. We have a hard enough time sharing the same zip code. Sharing a car is worse than sharing a bathroom.

    Good luck y'all.

    And good luck with work.

  2. Yes, I think your children attempting to share the car will be provide you with hours of entertainment in negotiating driving rights.
    “I want it.
    “No I want it!”
    “But you had it yesterday!”
    and so on…


  3. It will certainly be “fun”…not…
    I imagine a rota will have to be developed – or else my mediation skills will be in hot demand!

    Yes, e.f. the car is a crime to motoring…But my tricky car and football obsessed 4th child (he of the blogs) advises that Top Gear gave it a “really good review”. Aye right, says I – don't quite see 6ft6″ Jeremy Nazi Clarkson fitting behind the steering wheel of the tiddler sitting outside…

  4. Brace yourself for some right royal rows over whose turn it is to use the car.

    I'd invest in some industrial ear protectors now if I was you.


  5. You really are trying to destroy any street cred they might have. Lets face it they are bloody lucky to have a car provided for them for their use! That makes them pretty privileged on the world scale of things. Next thing you'll be providing them with food and shelter as well.

    All that apart it was good to have the update. Public service has been altering things willy nilly since McKinsey reorganised Liverpool in the 60s. It's got steadily worse to work in and steadily worse in the eyes of the public.

  6. Haha Fly! I suspect you are right!
    SP – mmhhmm they are both hot-headed and the rows will be legend!
    And yes, Graham. They are very very privileged. But sadly it seems to be almost “expected” (amongst their peers) that Mum and Dad will supply so very much. Thankfully they are both grateful and never would have actually asked for the car. Re the reorganisations – it is tiring. None of us can stand still but sometimes you pray for stability and consolidation.

  7. Ah. A family car– definitely keep us posted on the results of this venture.

    Fortunately for me, Brendan won't be needed a contraption like this for another sixteen years or so. God only knows how much the costs will be then. >shudder<

  8. I got so caught up in giggling about the Anti-PimpMobile Vehicle that I almost forgot how this post started out. My gosh, sounds like you have hard yards ahead of you. I have to say, though, you sound as though you are completely up to the challenge. Calm, confident, unflappable; fully aware of what needs to be done and already in the midst of getting it done. All power to you. Workplaces need more people like you!

  9. Thanks Katriina! Wish I felt calm and unflappable – was a day from hell today! But I am sure I will get there in the end…
    Squabbles have begun over the car – the lad wants spot lights fitted!!! Oh no!

  10. Well I'm all for Eco cars. Even thinking of buying one. though I'm also drawn to a Renault Kangoo which looks like a Postman Pat van and is seriously uncool.

    On the work front – I agree with Katriina: you are involved yet also keeping some detachment. I think that will be the key to you keeping your sanity. Be engaged but not taken over by it.

    Have a great time with your friend. I'm sure your support during her case will be invaluable.

  11. Now that is where you are wrong Ms Greene!! The Kangoo is tres cool – precisely because of that Postman Pat appearance!! I drove one in Spain for a month last year – and enjoyed it. Makes you feel liberated because it is a car that does not care about style! The wee Twingo has pretensions of style – in that daft naff way – which makes you cringe a wee bit at the nose which is trying to be “funky” and the interior which is trying to be “jazzy”… Ah well.
    My pals case is continued to next week. Argh for her! She has gone south – but is back tomorrow. The only good bit is – I get to see her.
    Hope your project is progressing! I've been thinking about you!

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