Blogging – keeping it in the family…

My youngest son – the Tricky one of the family – has decided to get some blog action of his own…

Argh! He is giving McGonagall a run for his money…with his own take on poetry, life and the universe.

Tricky is 11 years old. Into football (soccer to you e.f.) and Top Gear (though I have managed to explain that Jeremy Clarkson is NOT a good role model)…

His name, The Steelman references the football team of his heart – Motherwell F.C.

I will be monitoring his posts with interest…

6 thoughts on “Blogging – keeping it in the family…

  1. Ah, McGonagall! He of “Death! Plop!” fame? Great stuff!

    Your son sounds like a terrific kid. The tricky ones are always the most interesting 🙂

  2. You learn to treat the word like Aloha…and it's use is not unknown here. The local club pretentiously insists on calling itself the Jackson Football Club.

    I'm all together curious about this…no doubt it'll be interesting.

  3. He's “following” me e.f. (according to him – but he's got the attention span of a gnat (unless it involves annoying people; football or cars)… Look at the followers on this blog and you'll find THE steelman…

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