My memory sucks…

BG has just reminded me that I promised The Lad a prawn cocktail, roast lamb and all the trimmings and carrot cake dinner tonight as a belated birthday treat.

Tonight. Oh my god! In four hours time. A dinner for 12. And I haven’t even started.

I need to get to the butchers, the fruit n veg shop and the fish-mongers.

I need to get off this laptop! 

8 thoughts on “My memory sucks…

  1. Thankfully we have somebody here cooking a big breakfast (A big pot of grits…that's all I need)…otherwise this post would be driving me insane with hunger.

    It never hits me until after I've left the house.

  2. I slept thought it all and am now enjoying my Saturday as you are contemplating filling the dishwasher. I love cooking for dinner parties and 12 would be no problem but definitely not with 4 hours notice or for 7 on a regular basis. No thanks!!

  3. I have been cooking for 7 for much of the last couple of weeks as the family's house has been in the final stages of an extension and a remodeling inside. This weekend they will have a dinner table and living room back! Tomorrow I have 15 for buffet. The Cottage is small but has a good deck. If it rains it'll be a challenge.

  4. Haha – thanks Chloe and Katriina!
    The vast majority of my meals are “one-pot” things – much much easier that way. I seriously cannot cook for two now – just cannot get the quantities right!

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