Baby Giant gets his mojo back…

And just as suddenly as fear visited, it is gone.

Baby Giant is declared “normal”. The lumps just anatomical anomalies. Though urine will be tested.
We can breath again. 
BG is warned off amateur self-diagnosis via Google.
He has recovered his joie de vivre. As evidenced by the following –
Bumping into several of his schoolmates on the walk back he greeted the questions Hey mate where ye been? Whit ye no it school the day fur? With the nonchalant Hey mate A wis jist away fur a baw check…

Whhhhh-iiitttt? says his discombobulated mate, glancing at me and then rapidly away.
Aye says BG A baw check.

Jist a random baw check then mate? queries the mate.
Aye says BG Jist a random baw check.

Awww-right, mate says the mate It wis jist a random baw check then mate. Cool.

9 thoughts on “Baby Giant gets his mojo back…

  1. It made me think of this kid that was in a wreck in front of our house.

    We live on a main north/south road and it gets a little wacky out there….five or six wrecks since we've lived here.

    Anyway…this kid, maybe 18 years old, got smoked. It was the worst sounding wreck I've ever heard. So, I shot out of bed, out of the house and down the drive…there he was wobblin' around in the middle of the street muttering to himself and whimpering.

    I put my arm around him and got him out of the road…he was shook up bad and blubbering but otherwise he was fine.

    His Momma showed up and she went bonkers…that's when he started calming down. By the time the cops showed up his voice had dropped back down a couple of octaves and he had a hold of himself.

    My work there was done and I was headed back to the house when he called to me…

    “Thanks man…for you know”

    “Of course buddy. Just glad you're alright.”

    “Listen man…If you would…don't tell anybody about me crying like that.”

    Understand…the back of his car was pancaked. There was nothing left behind the driver's seat and he had been pushed 30 yards out of the road and up against a tree. AND…I'd never seen this kid in my life. I didn't know him or anybody he knew…it was dark and I couldn't tell you what he really looked like.

    “Don't worry…ain't no reason for anybody to know that.”

  2. Yip – they recover their “face” – and we have another day knocked off our lives… It has always been thus. As my mother reminds me (and my kids) continually! Her favourite saying? “Oh I remember when your mother….” (fill in blank with a preposterous gross exageration!!)
    Bad experience for you and the unknown lad – and the lads mother…
    Good thing you were there – a good sensitive and discreet man.

  3. Good outcome. Kids seem much 'cooler' about these things now perhaps because they are so much part of everyday TV language and no longer off limits in 'good society'.

  4. Wow, what a huge relief for you all!
    Incidentally, I loved reading your transliteration of how people (or at least teenagers) speak in your neck of the woods. I fear I would be unable to understand anything unless it was written down for me! I know that's rich coming from an Australian, but there it is…

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