Dream Heavy

I am lithograph
Rolled between memories
Hydrophilic me.

My life 
In remembered images.

Oppressing my awakening. 
Defying any reckoning.

(with apologies to the poets amongst you)

5 thoughts on “Dream Heavy

  1. I think I can probably understand it and appreciate it. Which is often not the case. Poetry is so personal; so much of oneself is invested in a poem.

  2. How did I miss this post? I think I need loud bells and alarms set up to startle me awake when writers post material.

    The opening stanza is very powerful. The use of a lithograph as a defining symbol works well… and the phrase: “Hydrophilic me” — NICE! Wish I thought of it.

  3. You say such lovely things D-G. Many thanks. I had been reading about lithography (via my budding artist son!) and there was something about it struck me so forcibly – the image seemed just right and described (at least to me!) how I felt.

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