SHACK – Miles Apart

Sickened myself with this one last year…was on remedial loop on every trip I did between here and Inverness/ here and Aberdeen/ here and Stirling/ here and anywhere I had to drive in fact.

If you like this then you might also enjoy the Pale Fountains…

5 thoughts on “SHACK – Miles Apart

  1. Still can't listen but I am three or four stops up 49 from Inverness…and I work Aberdeen hard. No Sterling but I did pass within shouting distance of Edinburgh Saturday night.

  2. Bizarre! Inverness, Sunflower County (dug out my map – cos I am such a sook)…

    Then again, we Scots are responsible for colonisation of the known (and probably the unknown) universe. Comes from a desire to sample world beers and an overwhelming sense of racial superiority of course.

    Tho we failed to teach America proper football…

  3. Yeah…I got yer proper football.

    Y'all put an especially hard mark on the The South…we are all from Scotland, Ireland or the North of England…or West Africa. We didn't get the mass waves of immigration that they did up north.

    You can't put us off on the Dutch or the Italians…y'all are to blame for us. 🙂

  4. They both have a trance inducing quality that would concern me on the road.

    This one especially has a swirling background to it that I'm afraid might carry me right past a turn…very mellow and not bad at all after a 13 hour day.

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