Anticipation – Friday Night is Leeds Malmaison Night…

I’ve got that fizz of excitement already… Just checked out the Leeds Malmaison website. And the thought of Friday night is making me feel goooooood!

Plus I get the ultimate thrill of driving my pals new Audi TT.
Ohhhh that fast sleek beast of a car that eats up road. The road-snogging suspension. The thrill of acceleration that jerks your head into the backseat. The pumping beat of Massive Attack and Leftfield and Shack on Bose surround sound (ok ok I am sounding like an anorak now – never did know when to quit with the techie details but it really is a great antidote to the slough of despond, so be merciful).
And that car is SEX on wheels.
Shallow? Moi?

10 thoughts on “Anticipation – Friday Night is Leeds Malmaison Night…

  1. Shallow, toi? Of all the adjectives that is the least appropriate. Perhaps that is one of the problems? A caring Guardian reader. If you want to learn 'shallow' come and get lessons!

  2. Oooooooh Yes! We had a good time! Shopping in Boroughbridge and knaresburgh (including my fav shop – kit and caboodle) – then Room upgrade (Jo is a regular at Mal – and such a blagger!) – gorgeous meal which included a baked white chocolate cheesecake with dark choc ganache and raspberry coulis – tanqueray gin doubles (oops!) – and a pub crawl around some of Leeds finest (just about managed in my beautiful black and very high fornarina boots) – then this morning a sumptuous breakfast (for which – surprisingly – I was fit!)….

    Then Harvey Nics today (and a bottle of Aqua di Parma Cologna Intensa)…heaven.

    And a stretch of the M62 at 120mph…

    What more could I ask for…

    All my treat from my pal…

    Haha! I think I have now mastered shallow!! lol.

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