The Holiday – Part 12

I made a show of putting my hand over Ana’s mouth. Cue: laughter. Derek left smiling.

I turned to exclaim see our Ana! to my Mother. But Mother was gone. We heard the toilet flushing.

The unpacking began. Mamie managing the decant from car to house in a series of finger points; aggravated facial expressions and shouts.
But in the end there is nowt so invigorating as the start of a holiday – even after the journey from hell.
Nothing beats that fight over who sleeps where. The wonders of a bunk bed and a pile of second hand dvds. Or the investigation of nooks and crannies.
Mother immediately commandeered cleanliness and the adequacy of kitchen, appliances and bathrooms. Cooker (adequate). Fridge (too small). Number of pots and pans (begin worrying over dinner now).
With a few speculatory comments about the budding scrapyard, Dad settled into one of the deep and comfy living-room chairs and could be heard snoring shortly after.
Jamie and Ana went for an explore up the hill. Closely followed by Meg – who was in the early throes of panic attack as (horrors!) there was no mobile phone signal at the house.

Mother got out the bleach and J clothes and started worrying every visible surface.
I walked across the yard, away from the house and toward the wide, deeply sloping field we had skirted on the final stretch here. And stood breathing in the golden, sun-kissed air. The silence sung to me like a lullaby. And for just a precious moment I could swear I was touching eternity.

6 thoughts on “The Holiday – Part 12

  1. Go easy lass, touching eternity is stretching things a bit far. I'm glad that you are back on track though. I'm really enjoying the story. Mind you I'd probably be joining Meg in having a panic attack.

  2. Thanks Graham. Theres real bliss in them Yorkshire Moors you know… lol…but no mob signal! For which Meg was fabulously fit by the holiday end – climbing out of the valley to reach vodaphone!

  3. I just
    Laughed my way through every instalment…except for the parts that reminded me of being behind the steering wheel 11,000 ft in the air on Red Mountain Pass* in Colorado. Terrifying.

    You are a very funny lady and an excellent writer.

    The bit about your parents trying to get the last word in was priceless.

  4. First off thank you.

    I was on business out west…driving from New Mexico into Colorado through the Rocky Mountains. Ignorance is the only reason I ended up…up there. Planning my drive in sheer ignorance.

    It'll never happen again. I can promise you that.

    Barely enough room for two cars…sometimes not and there are no guard rails. Said they couldn't get the snow plows up there if there were guard rails. :0

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