In Scotland we…

make Halloween lanterns from turnips… nane o this imported American pumpkin nonsense!

However…. my national pride in turnip heid lanterns took a bit of a bashing when my pal Shirls (Marzella) – sculptress, artist, good friend and Waybuloo set designer extraordinaire – produced the following…. I dare you not to be impressed!

6 thoughts on “In Scotland we…

  1. I have a Scottish mother and grew up with the turnip lanterns.

    I just had to look at the photographs and could smell them again.


  2. haha e.f. it most certainly is!

    it is certainly meaner than any pumpkin – which always look strangely comforting to me…

    but my pals gruffalo-head pumpkin carving is simply the best!

  3. Brilliant. They are works of art. Or perhaps great works of craft. And the cute grotesque one looks like Golem in Lord of the Rings. It is Golem isn't it? The one who says “preciousss…” all the time?

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