The Holiday – Part 7

Finally Mum said we’re taking the scenic route then.

Dad just said Bloody rabbit back there – had to slam on the brakes…

…and then your Father stalled of course and the handbrake wouldn’t hold us… added my Mother.
I had a sudden picture of the two of them, point-scoring and squabbling (lovingly as my Mother described it; with feeling as my Father would add) right to the end, as they careered backwards off the road and into oblivion.
This was why I loved them. Their absolute adherence to what mattered: getting the last word in.
As the sheep had decided to move – and as Jamie and Ana were unstrapping themselves, intent on escape – Mum suggested I get back in the car and start driving before those two made a run for it. The truth was, she was bursting for a wee; refused to pee in a ditch and we all knew (from the holiday where Mamie pee’d herself) that she had limited powers of retention…
The satnav said 13 miles to Rosedale. Wouldn’t be long now…surely…

One thought on “The Holiday – Part 7

  1. THIRTEEN MILES still to go?! I hope (from your readers' point of view) that they are as action packed as the last miles. On the other hand for your Mum I really feel.

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