Holiday – Part 2

Admittedly it began innocuously enough. Hedgerow-lined just-wide-enough for two cars type of a road.

Megan was still scoffing. We all knew you’d do it again. Admit it Mum you just cant help yourself.

Jamie and Ana of course were fit to be scrapped off the roof. Bouncing in their seats. Trying to see over the high hedgerow to the other side. The other side, that is, where the vision of a road dipping off the known universe began and the comfort of straight flat tarmac ended.

Megs mobile rang. I didn’t need to hear my mother. Megs hysterical laughing said it all. Papa was apparently swearing at me already. Something about his bloody gearbox…gradients…and wont make it.

I shouted tell the old whinge that’s why he pays the AA.

Then the warning signs began. No caravans one said. Use passing places another said. Road narrows on both sides.. Double bend (right)… Double bend (left)…Multiple bends…Wild animals (eh? was this safari?)…Ford…Cattle grids… 33% gradient…

A world of signage was unleashed upon me. There were more warnings than there was road. I hadn’t read so many since passing my test in 1990…

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