idle hands

Irish Gran used to say ‘the devil makes work for idle hands to do’. To be fair that was the mildest of her more ‘hell, fire and brimstone’ sayings. Being a devout ulsterwoman (church-going three times on a Sunday) and even more determined sinner she managed to provoke a few nightmares in her time. I’ve thought about her often as I’ve gotten older – and almost approaching the age she was when she died – and my theory is that she subscribed to the rationale that there was no point in religion if you were a holy wullie pious act who hadn’t much to beg forgiveness for…
If I was inclined to piety I would have just as many things as she to beg forgiveness for. But I only think of her ‘idle hands’ saying when I find myself truly regretting starting a diy project…
Apologies – there’s going to be no confession of the kinky, immoral, drunken or drugged but entertaining kind in this blog entry. Just a tale of how it’s best to think at least three times before peeling off that flake of gloss paint on the door lintel…
I peeled the bloody thing. And before I knew it I was peeling the next bit. Then looking for a knife. Then sending the kids to the basement for a paint scraper. Then feeling the ache in my shoulders and arms as the scraper hit resistance all too soon. Then deciding on a Homebase trip for sandpaper and wire wool and sugarsoap and eggshell paint…
What possessed me?
Why did I start?
I’ve had dirty looks from R since the first peel. His comment ‘what the f* did you start that for?’ has resonated with good old common-sense since the second he said it.
So, I am having a tea-break…and glancing grimly over at the dark stained wood that has emerged from under years and layers of magnolia gloss…and wondering how I can take a short-cut out of this latest diy daftness.

2 thoughts on “idle hands

  1. Of course when it's all finished it will have been worth it! Don't you just hate people who come up with such platitudinous (is there such a word?) truths? I know that I find them very irritating. The problem is that when you look back at it it will all have been worth it. In fact it was so worth it when I did my house in Eagleton between 1993 and 1995 that I've never had to touch it since. And even if it needed it….I've learned my lesson!

  2. Like the word 'platitudinous' – even if I can't find it in the dictionary!
    Almost finished…and it's certainly 'better' than it was – even if I'm the only one who will ever look closely enough to notice the 'improvement'…
    problem is – once you start on one thing you inevitably move onto the bit beside it which has suddenly now in need of diy effort… ah well…

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