I consider it a perk…this duty to work Scotland-wide…

In fact it’s gotten to the stage that I cannot imagine returning to a job which confines me, static, chained to an office desk 9-5…
I enjoyed the drive. Broken at Perth for a working lunch with a colleague and then straight up the A9, over the Kessock Bridge and into Strathpeffer (sounds insignificant said like that – but it’s a fair journey)…
Have to admit to bewilderment when I arrived. This teeny wee Highland village of monstrous huge Victorian Hotels (I wish wish wish I had a camera with me!!).
The literature in my room explains the ‘Spa’ origins of the town. Puts the huge hotels into context.
I’m in a modest B&B. Craigvar. Large Victorian house. Lovely landlady – who made me a coffee when I got in and sat and chatted. Comfortable room. Free wifi and as much coffee and buscuits as I can consume…
If it weren’t for the meeting tomorrow I really could convince myself this wasn’t work!

3 thoughts on “Strathpeffer

  1. So you are not that far away as we blog. Just a sea journey and 40 miles. It's a fascinating town (well it likes to think of itself thus). Sleep well and have a good meeting.

  2. You've been busy tonight! Yes, I'm not far away. I followed the Ullapool road signs remembering the ferry, the Minch, and Stornoway…
    I've just placed my breakfast order – so I'm off to dream of creamy oatmeal porridge (with salt)…

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