the results…

Lad numero uno awaits his higher results…

Of course – if he could have mustered the energy involved in supplying the exam board his mobile number- he could have had them texted to him today. But my boy is not made of such stuff – that would have required energy to be spent doing something for which gratification was delayed.

So, whilst his friends (well, the female ones) have their results now, he will get his tomorrow.

I suspect that he will be disappointed…

Now, I know that sounds like a terribly disloyal thing for a parent to say but whilst I believe he’s fabulous I also know -from simple observation- that he certainly didn’t put in the required study… and I know (from experience) that you need to study or you’ll be disappointed.

Personally I think it’s a good thing that he’s in for a bit of a shock. It has always appeared to me that when things come too easily those things are not appreciated. It also occurs to me that the people I have met who have never failed are usually piss poor company and terribly smug. It would do him no favours to achieve without effort. And – cruel though it may sound – a little bit of failure would be good for my fabulous funny boy.

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