Getting all political again…

Had a bit of a mad five minutes today. Typed in ‘Scottish Labour Party’; clicked ‘Join’ and then signed up for the monthly direct debit…

Just when all around are scrabbling to leave, yip, I re-join.

Perverse? Moi?

R asked why I’d done it.

…truthfully? …

It was as if the party were calling out to me… the lure increasing in direct proportion to the numbers of sleekit ministerial bampots ‘resigning’… and as those disengenuous careerists (funny how they all suddenly, miraculously had been thinking about leaving for a long time…aye right!) baled out, it seemed to me that the party I had once loved and fought for was simply going to go… and I answered the umbilical call…

I wonder if that’s just instinct – that need to protect your own. Even when you felt that ‘your own’ had let you down so badly…(and oh! how Labour has let us all down – but that’s another blog).

The time to leave is not now. When Blair invaded Iraq; when Kelly died; when the anti-immigration rhetoric began; with the ‘British jobs for Britigh Workers’ slogan…. oh there were many times ripe for principled stands. But not now.

There’s nothing principled about someone like Blears leaving. Nothing credible about her ‘apology’. Blears et al – their leaving and the manner in which they left was about self-interest and spite. Not about the greater good or moral standards or… They wanted to take a swipe. To destroy even as they were destroyed.

And that is why I wanted to return. I cannot bear to stand and watch as it all disintegrates.

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